2014 - Ongoing project (preview)


Over the sea is a series of photographs composed and built like a reflexion, when a duality emerges. I began this project by searching for people on a local group through internet. After two shootings, my camera broke down and I had to put this project aside. I realized that these two first sessions took place on the seaside. I love water, I spend a lot of my time in contact with the sea, and this element became the matrice, the background where I want people to pose and expose their feelings at a certain stage of their life. The sea is deep and mysterious, it's like a miror creating an echo to our emotions and reflecting our toughts. Each dyptic tells simultaneously their projection and their reality. The viewer has the freedom to feel and think which one coincides.

As I live in a mediterranean city like Marseille, where the sea is a part of my daily life, I am interested to explore the seaside and include it into my work in a singular approach. Beyond the fact that Mediterranean sea is the cradle of western civilization, it refers to many concepts like immersion, immensity, perpetual motion... In that, it could represent a metaphor of our unconscious and our interiority, and beyond in other words, a door to the origins of life.