2002- Ongoing project (selected work)



The reality principle is a non fictionnal project divided in two series: "No one knows" and "The point of no return", both made of analog photographs that I take since I am 20. Built like a personnal documentary, these series reflect my world in two different approaches.

The meaning of what we see always remains a certain silence. In a mysterious continuity, photography brings visuality, but nothing else. We do have to interpret what we see. All my pictures tell an idea of an intimate truth, at a special moment of my life. Fragments of a reality, fragments of my reality.

No one knows. It began with questions. Questions are where answers are not satisfying us. In a succession of personnal thoughts and moments, this series is built like a notebook made of visual aphorisms, and presented as a journey through a long term research about the meaning of life and its representations. I purposely edit this work only in black and white where reality and fantasy have no frontiers, no indications, to evolve in an undefined spacetime which refers to Real itself. My life is not extraordinary, but the ordinary side of it always pushes me to question it. I do have questions, but not the answers, photography is a way to approach them...