2009 (selected work)


My phone rang.

A woman introducing herself as a social worker asked me if I wanted to be my mother’s legal guardian.

I said no. I never saw her again...      

My mother has been mentally sick since I was born. She was a beautiful woman and a mum, but she failed, deep, so deep that she’ll probably never come back. She is double. She is one. I am one. I feel that I miss a double: her or myself? Always something missing, a never ending void, looking for unity.                 

This series has been made a short time after I got this phone call. I will always live with this guilt of not being able to save her and not having the chance to know her before this dramatic period, in other words, before I appeared in this world. But mostly, through this work, I intend to speak about confusion, loneliness and the traumatism that I experienced, I give them a face. I am a guardian, but the guardian of my own path.